My favourite actor is Tom Hanks. When he was a kid he was a very shy boy with not a lot of interests but

everything changed when he took theater classes in High school.

That gave him the chance to be more confident and discover the magical world of theatre.

He continued theatre while he was in University so he decided that he should try in movies.

His first TV show ” Bossom Buddies”  is the show where he meets his wife Rita Wilson, an actress

with Greek roots. That’s when his carreer get started. Philadelphia, The Green Mile, Forest Gump

Saving private Ryan, The Splash, were some of his great movies that made him popular and very

loving to the people. For the movies Philadelphia and Forest Gump he won the Oscar for the man’s First role.

  Maybe he isn’t as handsome as Brad Pitt or Leonardo Di caprio but he got something in his look that makes you love him.

The film I enjoyed most was The Terminal with Catherine Jeta Jones where he was a citizen of a small country when for

political reasons he got stuck and lived  for some months in the airport but soon with his good character and the way he copes

with the situation he becomes the heroof all the eployees of the airport and not only them!

 He can play every role you can imagine. He has a class act that world lacks it. In my opinion Tom Hanks is a kind of guy

you want to have as a close friend besides is a very good actor and his films are never boring

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  • Tom Hanks is an excellent actor !! Bravo Pano mou 🥰

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