My favourite TV show!

Hi George,
How are things? How’s your family? How’s your grandmother? I hope she’s well! In this e-mail, I want to tell you about my favourite TV show called “Good Midday” by the presenter Nick Moutsina. In this TV show, there is a co-host too called Vania. And of course, there is a band called “Alkatrash” with a lead and a back singer. First Vania gets out and tells us yesterday’s weather and then she confesses about one of her experiences. Then after a big break, Nick with a gold TV watches videos and at the end, he meets with a popular man or woman. I like it very much because it is hilarious and enjoyable. What’s your favourite TV show? Why do you like it?

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  • Panagiotis I will make an effort to watch your favourite show soon !! Well Done!!

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