My favorite singer

My favorite singer is Marshall Bruce Mathers also known as ‘EMINEM’. He was born in Detroit/Michigan/USA . I’ve been hearing his songs for about 6months but he is a singer since 90′. I really enjoy hearing at his music because the lyrics are understable and i really like the rythm of the songs. He is so kind with his fans,he has been through a very sad and hard life because he was poor and he lived with his mom and his sister . His mom was addicted to dr*gs, so he had to work a lot to buy food to eat . He loved music,his bestfriend found a regisor named Dr. Dre who helped people who wanted to record their songs. There is where his carier started he recorded his first song,and then kept going and going . Today he is one of the best rappers in the world.These days he uploaded a new song called ”Tone Deaf” go hear it!! I really want to meet him one day!!

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