My family is special!

Family is the most important thing in our life. We share everything together, we go on holidays together, we stay together in every kind of situation. we can sacrifice our own lives for our family. What makes a good family is to eat together, celebrate, have fun with them and not to argue, hate and be rude to each other. Having fun, sharing your problems with them, telling them your secrets without getting judged will make you feel closer to them. surfing on the night in your room without talking to them 24 hours a day isn’t the best for you and for them. You should play board games, go for a walk and tell jokes to each other! It doesn’t matter if you belong in a single-parent family or in an extended one it matters to be loved, feel accepted for  who you are and respected family members support each other and show affection, and are there to support you in any way they can

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