My experience as a teacher

Last month I moved to a far-flung location to work provisional as a teacher at the local school. When I arrived I saw a very impoverished town, but the friendly people there made me feel comfortable by running to come and hug and meet me. Days went by and almost everyday I’ve had been learning things about their ideology , such as that they’re secular or that they believe in a philosophical theory that everything should be judged in relation to other things called relativism. But the most sovereign is that when I first went to the classroom all the kida of different ages were so kind to me. Also they were very receptive, nimble and trying their best to learn some knowledge. In the end of my first day as a teacher there, the kids told me that I’m the best teacher they ever had and they don’t wanna leave. So to sum up I believe that we all must give opportunities even in the most impoverished people because most of the times they have a heart made of gold. 

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