My English School!

Hey John,
How are things? How’s your family? I hope you’re well! In this e-mail, I want to describe to you my English school. You will ask me: Is this the basic subject of these coronavirus days? Yes, I know it isn’t but I think you must now how is my English school because you are my best friend and I feel you like my second brother. There are three things which are making it the best school ever. First is how it looks: it is very big and very bright. When you look at it, you feel like looking at your second home. The second thing is your classmates and generally all the students at the school. All of them are very kind and very polite. If you behave like this you can make new friends very easily. The third and last thing is the teachers. Those who work from 1 o’clock in the midday up to 10 o’clock at night. Their work is very hard but still, their forces haven’t run out. Except for teachers, they’re also superheroes. I respect very much Miss Depie, the secretary of our school. She has a lot of work every day but she always makes us laugh. But above all the best is Mr Mike. He works and works and works without complaining and without stopping whatever he’s doing. He always finds out new ways to make us love more learning about the English language. And all these because he loves English. He’s also the most out-going person I have ever met. How’s your English school? Do you like your teachers and your classmates?
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  • What a delightful surprise, Panagioti ❤️️. I am so pleased you like our English school 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧and it makes me want to work even harder to come up with more ideas. Thank you for your kinds words, it really means a lot us 🎈.

  • Wonderful words Peter!! We are glad that you like your English school and you transfer it with such enthusiasm! Love you!!!

  • Panagioti thank you for expressing your thoughts and showing us how much you appreciate our work !! We are so lucky to have you at our school !! I am very proud to be your teacher and see you progress each day with such will power & motivation !! You are our shining STAR ..!!

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