My covid – 19 experience!

The covid – 19 virus is very dangerous for all the people but it is more dangerous for people with health problems. But let’s start from the beginning: This horror experience started from the beginning of the year in China. It was very scary to see empty streets and closed restaurants and cafes. People with the virus were thousands. But in Greece, we didn’t care abouT it. It was only a bad dream. The second country with the illest people was Italy in Europe next to Greece. All countries one by one had the virus. Covid – 19 arrived in Greece three weeks ago. At first, we had only 3 ill people and nobody was dead. Now we have around 500 ill people and around 20 dead people. It’s very bad to know that this virus is killing thousands of people. The schools are closed, the restaurants and the cafes too and generally all are closed expect the pharmacies and the supermarkets. Some kids think that we have a holiday but this is wrong. All people must understand that they must stay at home to stay safe. If you stay home you close the door to covid – 19. I know, it’s very difficult for all us but we must do it. Now the schools are closed like I said before and I’m very bored. It’s really difficult because you can’t go anywhere but I have to do it. My English and my French lessons are using the e-learning method. All the teachers are trying to do the same and I hope they will manage it. I’m very afraid of this virus but all together we can beat it. Stay home to beat it. Follow this rule and we are going to win this “war”.

Panagiotis V.

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