My Christmas vacation

This Christmas was the best period of my life. On the 29th of December, we decided an amazing trip with my best friend.

Firstly we went to ”Bey’s Farm”. There are parents drunk coffee and us drunk soft drinks. Also, we went to the farm. There was a lot of animals but there were many kinds of birds and other animals. My favourite animal was the deers. There were so cute!!! Secondly, we came to a restaurant in Agiasos. The food was delicious!!! Then we went to bring some sweets from Agiasos. But the best of all was our walk to Agiasos oaths. When the afternoon cames we swam to the hot waters with my friends. It was really relaxing and good. After that, we went home.

The next day was Christmas Eve and in the morning my mum made me a big healthy breakfast. Then my cousins came to my home and we ate together. In the afternoon we arrived at my friends home. We played, danced, sang karaoke and we ate meat, pasta and salads. When the New Year came we cut the New Years Eve cake.I found the gold coin! We stood there up to 5:00. I was so tired but I had a lot of energy.

Somewhere here my Christmas Vacation ended. I hope this year will be really good with a lot of luck

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