My brother

I have a brother whose name is Theodore. He is a tall pretty boy. He is a very special person for me. With my brother, we do a lot of things like playing board games and watching films. His favourite board game is Monopoly and his favourite film is Avengers. He likes football and his favourite school subject is history. In his free time, he does Taekwondo and he likes listening to music. His favourite song is Bad Liar and his favourite superhero is Thor. I love my brother very much we have fun together and I don’t know what I will do without him.

Angela H.

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  • It’s nice to have a brother or a sister.

  • I have a very good sister.This blog is very intersting .Thank you Angela

    • I’m so happy to have you both as my students!! May you always love & support each other ..!! 🥰

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