My Best Friend!

Hello guys! How are things going? I hope you’re well! Today I want to talk aboyt my best friend. A usual problem, is that oyr friends have more disadvantages than advantages. But if you really care about him/her it doesn’t matter if that person have disadvantages. My friend, John, is the tallest inmy class and he is a bit fat but that’s ok. He hates running and because I love it and I’m very good at it, he always wants to catch me and when he rarely manages to catch me he says “This is the last time I’m chasing you” because he gets very tired!

John likes wearing his favourite T – shirt with a little bear on it and his blue and white shorts, but when his favoyrite football team wins he always wears his favourite clothes. John is very special to me because he’s one of the few people I trust and I can tell him all my secrets. When I’m sad, he always stands by me making me laugh. The only thing I’m sure about is that we will be best friends forever!




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  • Panagioti you are both lucky to have each other ..!! Good Friends are very important to have in our lives !!

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