My behaviour!

Hi John,
I’m very sorry for my bad behaviour last Sunday. I was very angry. I know it isn’t very easy for you to understand because you’re a very good guy and you difficultly make mistakes but you sometimes make mistakes. Every person on the planet have made mistakes before. I would like to apologize to you about my behaviour that afternoon when you phoned me: it was midday and I was playing a video game but the bad of the story was that I played more time than the usual time and my parents were very angry. I know that we can play video games but with a particular program but that day I wanted to finish the last round of the day. I know that I behave a bit bad but I’m trying to change my behaviour. Every day I’m becoming better and better and I think in the end I’ll manage to win the bad behaviour. I apologize a thousand times.
I would appreciate your answer,

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  • Good work as always !! Panagioti it’s very important to admit to our mistakes ..!! 🥰

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