Mean girls: American teen comedy, produced in 2004. The film was directed by Mark Waters and written by Tina Fei. The film stars: Lindsay Lohan, Racher McAdams Lacey, Amanda Seyfred and Lizzie Kaplan.
In the North Shore High school, there are three girls who are very rich and they do whatever they want. They all have them like idols. Until a new student arrives. And they invited her to go with them because she had no friends. But they are not as good as you think. When Cady (the new girl) finds a good friend, Regina (the leader) said bad things about her and he left her. The rest of the film shows Kady taking revenge.
If you are a teenager who likes this kind of movies, I think you should watch it, cause it has very nice backgrounds, good places, different stories, colours and suspense

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