Dear Editor,

In my opinion, I disagree with the way that actors get paid, I do not think that it’s fair for the little time they work.

From the one side, they learn a lot of lines that they have to say on screen and they wear costumes that they normally would not wear. Also, they work for days to learn their positions on the script and the time that they have to start talking. Something else is that they work for hours standing and making mistakes so they start again from the beginning. This means

If we think out of the box we realize that they should be paid less because they have the script ready and everything and they do not even do the stunts, they have people doing these things instead of them, but we have to say a very small number of actors do their stunts by them. Except for the fact that they have a full table of food and drinks that they can have any time they want. Moreover, the movies they play in are coming on-screen at least a year after they start.

Yours faithfully,

Stratos Koutouktsis

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