Mission:VNG 2020

The name of the board game I made is “Kedu Race”. It is a wonderful game full of action and I think you should try to play it!

To play it you must follow these steps:

First of all, this game is played with at least 2 players, 2 ivories and checkers depending on the number of players. Of course, you must start from the “Start box” and finish to the “Finish box”. You choose which player plays first and you start. You follow any line on the dashboard you want.

  • ?: The question mark means that you have to answer a question.
  • The ghost which says”booo!” means that you have to start again from the beginning. Be careful, because there are two danger zones in the game.
  • The ghost whose mouth is closed means that you have to go 5 boxes back.
  • The speech bubble with the phrase “Shhh!” means that you have to take a question card from the special category, In the cards, there is always a privilege for you.

So, let’s have fun guys!!!


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