Mission:VNG 2020

The name of my board game is “The word KEDU”. It is a game that played at least three players. We put the pawns in the start and we write the word kedu in the board !!We follow the rules and the game begin.
The rules :

  • The smaller player, holding a ball, turns the hourglass and starts to say a word that starts from the last letter of the word kedu, that is the (u).Τhen he gives the ball to the next player and he tries to find a word from the letter (u).Αnd this continues until time runs out.
  • When the time is up, the player holding the ball stays where it is while the others move on to the next box.
  • The player who doesn’t move writes the next word on the board, turns the hourglass and they start again in the order all the players say a word from the last letter of the word that is written on the board.
  • Τhe red box is the danger zone, any player who goes there must not stop the ball in his hands otherwise he returns to the beginning again.

Start the game and have fun !!!!

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