Mission:VNG 2020

Gameboard’s name: Kedu Houses Challenge

  • 4 players can play this game.
  • Each player chooses one of the 4 Kedu Houses.
  • There are 24 Marks (6 from each Kedu House) and a Buzzer.
  • There are 3 question categories: Grammar, Vocabulary and Spelling.

The youngest player starts the game and chooses the question category.

Each player moves horizontally or vertically on the squares with his Kedu House figure.

Each player competes with the player whose Kedu House figure is on the square he has chosen.

The player who presses the buzzer first and answers the question correctly wins and puts his Kedu House Mark on the square.

The player who has placed most Kedu House Marks on the board is the WINNER!!!

Let the game begin!!!

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