Mission:VNG 2020

Kedu around the world!!!

Kedu around the world is a board game in which we have lost our Panta!! We have to find it and we go all over the world looking for it. Be careful, do not fall into a trap. Only 2 players can play the game. 

The rules are:

If you roll the dice and go to number 4, you take the boat so, you take your pawn and go 2 steps forward.

If you go to number 7, Pharaoh is very angry so, you have to go 2 steps back.

If you go to number 9, you can change pawns with the other player.

If you go to number 11, you have to throw the garbage. You go three steps back.

If you go to number 13, you have to play rock, paper, scissors. The winner eats the strawberry and goes 2 steps forwards.

If you go to number 16, there’s a volcanic eruption. You have to go from start!

The winner is the first player who goes to number 18 and finds the Panta!

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