Are you ready to accept your mission?

Missions are short projects which are awarded with the more K.redits than Quests and Challenges. They are not available all year long but are for all levels. Once you accept the mission you have to complete it. Missions are rewarded with crazy K.redits so if there is a mission available make sure you go get it! 

Here are our Missions so far

The My House mission  



This was one of our first missions for the year. We really enjoy talking about our house or bedroom so we built a model of our house in Mindcraft or painted a picture of our perfect bedroom and wrote about it too.

This mission rewarded the winner with 10.000 K.redit points!


What are you waiting for? Go to My House Mission here.

Vocabulary Notebook Boardgame Mission badge

The Vocabulary Notebook Gameboard mission  



We love our Vocabulary Notebook and we enjoy using it to learn too. Desing your own game and let’s play it together!

This mission is rewarded with 5.000 K.redit points!

What are you waiting for? Go to VNG Mission here.