Mission: My Dream House

My dream house is in Greece in Mytilini and it is very big it is a villa. My house has 2 floors and 5 balconies. It has a big garden a pool and a small basketball court. In the house on the first floor and it has a living room, a kitchen and a hall. on the last floor, it has 3 bedrooms 1 bathroom a big hall, a small football court, a playroom and a computer room with a lot of pc and PlayStations. I love this house <<villa>> and one day I want it to be real.

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    • Awesome, John!! I really liked this <> of yours and I believe that if it’s what you want you will be able to build it one day! Congratulations 😍

  • Great work John !! I’m proud of you !! Your hard work was impressive ❤️🥰

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