Mission 7: My dream school


I might not have Minecraft or I might not be good at drawing, but I will describe you my dream school. In Greece schools are not similar to other schools around the world. So, my dream school exists, but not where I live.

Firstly, the school building would be on the outskirts of town, with no stores or homes surrounding it. It would be a massive building with large windows allowing the sunshine to pass through the large windows and admire the nature. The exterior of the building would be painted a dark brown/red color. A large playground with trees and flowers would complete the ideal.

Students would have the opportunity to stay there and visit their families at the weekends. Everyone would have a roommate, of the same gender, and learn the process of being responsible and making their own decisions which would help them in the outside world.

Education would be a big part of the school, but not the only one. There would be lot of after school clubs such as cooking, gardening , pottery, debating and more. Also, my dream school would focus on sports and even have an indoor swimming pool.

My dream school doesn’t sound crazy or magical since colleges inn England are exactly the same. I wish I could attend one of them in the near future. It’s my dream school!


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