Matilda was in a family where she wasn’t wanted.At the age of 3 she was taught to change clothes, make her own food and other basic needs on her own.Her parents refused to take her to school , so every morning when her parents were at work and her brother at school she read magazines and newspapers while eating her breakfast.She had read all the books that they had in their house in only 4 days.After she had finished all the books she asked her dad if he could take her to the library to borrow books to read. He paid no attention to her so she decided to go on her own .She found a map in the house and tried to find where the library was. The next day she was on the road heading for the library. She found the library pretty quickly and immediatly went to the Novel Section.Her life after that was an andventure. You should read the book so you can find out what happend next.

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