Making somebody so happy by just finding his notebook?

Last Saturday, my uncle drew up a wonderful idea: to go fishing with his boat at a lake in a forest near our house with me. I was so surprised, because I always wanted to go fishing, that I immediately accepted his invitation. So, we got stuff needed for fishing and we started our trip.

On our way, I wanted to go to toilet so we had to return home. When I went to the toilet, we started again our trip. I was very happy and surprised because it was my first time to go fishing. I was feeling so wonderful that I wanted to arrive to the lake as fast as possible. After some time, we finally arrived at the lake. My uncle’s boat was next to the lake but for some reason it was a little bit broken, so we had to fix it. Fortunately, my uncle had some tools in the car that we could use…

When we finally fixed it, we put it in the lake, we got in it and we prepared the fishing line and the bait. As my uncle was preparing, I was looking around in the boat. Suddenly, I saw a little box covered by fishing lines. I decided to open it because of my curiosity. In it I found a notebook with the title: “Fred’s (this is my uncle’s name) notebook”. I was so confused that I told my uncle about it. His eyes shone brightly all of a sudden and he told me: “Thank you Panagiotis. This was my childhood’s notebook and I had lost it. I was looking for it everywhere but I couldn’t find it. I’m so glad that you found it”…

I was so glad that I found my uncle’s notebook because I made him very happy. This day, I also learnt that something which can be insignificant for me, it can be extremely important for somebody else!!!

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  • Interesting story, Panagioti! I agree with your finding… insignificant for some, super important for others!

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