Loss of interest in hobbies

Nowadays, the majority of people do not spent much time on  activities of personal interest due to the loss of free time or other needs. It is really common that everyday needs such as work, homeworks, presentations and certificates have replace the need of rest and personal treatmennt. However if there is free time it is better to use it functionally and educationally than to waste it on hobbies. So, why there is no time for hobbies

In everyday life, time flies really quickly, especialy when someone works many hours. For instance, a person wakes up in the morning and goes to work spendig half of his day. Except that, most of the times the work place is in distance from the persons house. This means that, he have to start an hour earlier to go to his work place on time. In other words, the job duty is  reducing free and personl time because it is more necessary than a hobbie.

On the other hand, if there is time to kill, it would be better to spend it on increasing new knowladge and profationnal skills than having an interest activity.  Generally, there is a stereotype in which everyone believe that having a hobbie is waste of time. Take the example of certifications. It is believed that a language certifiation is more useful than a piano certification. In fact, math skills are practiced as you need a count to play a piece and confident is blooming beaceuse you have to play in front of a crowd making you more social. In this way, practising a sport make you more social, tolerant, persistent and patient. However, all these values that hobbies offers are not understood and that is why free time is spent having language lessons.

In conclusion, the loss of interest in hobbies is based on two reasons: there is no more free time and if it is found, it is spent learning about our profession and our new skills, forgetting the meaning of hobbies. Nevertheless, is really importand to be understandable that we have one life and it worth the time of learning something new such as in  sports or arts something away from the boring everyday life.

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