LMWM Challenge:A different day

I woke  up and I drunk coffee. I was very good this day. It was a difficult day for me because I have an important meeting. After breakfast,  I started my project for the meeting in the  afternoon.  I was working on my project.

The bell rang.  I opened the door and saw my grandmother. I hugged her and she got into. We had lunch.  She fall asleep on my bed. I finished my project.

One hour later she walked up. She saw TV and I made her something to eat . She told me that she want to go out to walk and see the town. Today  I have the most important meeting of this month.

It was time to go to the company.  I called my boss and said that I can’t go to the company. He said loudly that if I didn’t go he will fire me . I said to him to do this meeting online . They agreed and I did this meeting from my computer. I finished the work and went with my grandmother outside. We are at a  restaurant . This was the end of my day .

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