LMWM Challenge: An Unexpected Visitor!!!

Last Saturday I saw a terrible nightmare as I was sleeping and when I woke up I was very frightened because I didn’t want my day to carry on badly. Although, I put on my favourite clothes, I brushed my teeth and then I went to my bedroom again and I opened my window “to say good morning to the new day which was dawning”. After that I wanted to go downstairs to drink some milk and then study. So, as I was going downstairs I slipped and fell down. I had injured my leg very bad and it was hurting a lot. My parents came quickly to help me go and sit to the sofa. After some time I was feeling better and I also could walk a little bit. But I was feeling very bad because my presentiment had started to come true. After drinking my glass of milk, I went upstairs to study because I had a lot of homework. So, when I got in my bedroom I wanted to close the door because it was very cold. But unfortunately I hurt my hand. Luckily, I wasn’t injured badly but I wasn’t happy because my presentiment had come true for one more time! Fortunately, I didn’t hurt something again by the end of the day. But in the afternoon our house’s bell ringed. We weren’t waiting for someone so we were very shocked. There was an unexpected visitor: my grandma who had gone to Athens to see my aunt. She hadn’t told us that she was coming back for Christmas so early. We were all very surprised and happy too. I was personally very happy because fortunately I realized that this presentiment I had was only an illusion!!!


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