LMWM Challenge: An unexpected visit

It was a usual day when I dressed up and I have my breakfast. Then I took my personal bag and I opened the door to leave for my work. But when I opened the door. What I saw ?? A little woman that was holding a suitcase and waited me to go out for saw her. I asked her  …“Who are you ???”, “ What are you doing here ??” and “What do you want from me ??”. She didn’t talk. Then he asked me to get in and I said “Of course”. After I arranged her and I bring her something to drink. She started to answer in my questions. She told me that she was me from the future and that she got into a time machine to come to the past and reverse something bad that would happen and it will accompany me the rest of my life. Then I asked her What it will be happen, but she couldn’t tell me. With a clap, she disappear and I was found in my bed. I wondered It was s dream? Indeed? Or maybe the dream tried to warn me for something that will be happen today. I didn’t know but I tried to be careful. I didn’t expect this visit neither in my dreams. It was an unexpected visit !!!

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