Like salt

Once upon a time, there was a king who had three daughters. One day the king asked his daughters to tell him how much they loved him. The first one said that she loved him as much as gold and the king liked the answer. The second daughter told that she loved him as much as the sun and he liked her answer, as well. The last daughter told him that she loved him like salt and the answer displeased her father. The king got very mad.”How could you love me as much as something so common and cheap, that everyone, even poor people, could have? You don’t deserve to live with me” He said and forced her to go away.
She left the palace and she lived happily with her husband when one day the king stopped at their house to have rest during a trip. The couple welcomed the king and did their best satisfy him, preparing a meal. The hostess ordered not to put any salt in the food. When the king started his meal the food war absolutely unsalted, but when he asked for some salt their refuse to give. The king got angry:” How do you refuse to give a king something so important?” he said. Then his daughter uncovered her face and she said:” Oh my king! You someday let your loved daughter go away because she told you that she loved you like salt”.
Then the king hugged his daughter and asked her to forgive him for his mistake.

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