Letter to your future self.

Dear Maria,

How are things going? What about coronavirus? Anyway, the reason I wrote this letter is to tell you whether university degrees are worth it, or not. You know, I think it is a complicated question, and more difficult to decide if you go to college or not.


Well, on the one hand, a degree gives you more opportunities to find a job. Moreover, you will be paid better than someone who does not have a diploma. Also, I believe that if you like something you will give all your passion and strength to achieve your dream, right?


On the other hand, tuition is a big issue for children and their families. I mean, it’s a lot of money, and especially nowadays with unemployment, to get a degree without finding a job, is a waste of money and time. Furthermore, plenty of people have found a job and they do not need a diploma to find one.


So all in all, if you love something, you will fight to be the best you can and I think that a degree is strongly worth it. Yes, you lose time and money but you ensure yourself a good life. Also, maybe you don’t find a job in the same sector you want, but again, you do something you like and that actually matters.


Having said all that I believe that you understand the way I am thinking and I hope you will make the right decision.


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