The boardgame name is nockout because it is a nockout.



You need a dice

You must  use the symbols

There are three gaps boxes

The boardgame has 10 rounds

The first player to complete 10 rounds, the last player leave to game until two  players



Shells:The red shell gives you the opportunity to hit the next player and missed his turn,

the green shell you can hit the back player and he doesn’t play one time,

the blue shell you can hit the fisrt player and he misses his turn

Wall:You can put the wall up to block a box.That way you can stop some players in one time

Ice:A big ice is used to freezze all players two times,

a small ice is used to freeze a player one time

Tornado:You can use for all players to go back 2 boxes

Shield:You use to protect yourself from being hit

Glue:You can stick a player and he moves half the amount of his dice roll

Pichaxe:You use it to bring back the  next player back to you

Canon:With a canon you can go to box number 5

Super plant:You can double the number in your dice roll

Rainbow:You can go to box number 4


Rainbow boy

Rainbow girl

Boy with wago

Girl with wago

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