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Interactive vocabulary notebook


The vocabulary Notebook

We learn language and through language we express ourselves both orally and through our writing work…

Can we learn new words by:

  • writing the word in context?
  • drawing something about what the word means to you?
  • Finding synonyms, antonyms?
  • Use the word in a sentence correctly?


We love our notebook

Our Interactive Vocabulary Notebook is a personal notebook we are proud of. We learn language through inquiry and by noticing new language all around us. We want our students to stay curious about the world around them and to document what they learn about the world in words and drawings making connections with what they observe.

Powerful learning opportunities

make your own
Interactive vocabulary

Now is the time to grab your own vocabulary notebook and come to KEDU Language School

Be a leader now

Keep a journal of your learning. It’s fun, it’s cool and you will remember what you learnt or what you did!

We want you to have your own vocabulary notebook

Time to make your own

We want you to have your own vocabulary notebook. Take your learning into your own hands. Everyone can draw in their own personal style.