It was a terrible night

It was a rainy night when Mike was camping in a forest with a friend. Thunder and thunderbolt sounded outside and the Mike got scared more and more. Suddenly he heard two peoples to talking softly. He tried to understand what they were saying but he couldn’t hear anything. When he saw out of the little tent’s window he recognized that they were terrible thieves and they were trying to hide their stolen goods. At that moment he stayed at his tend and he wishes to acknowledge his presence. He was afraid and sure that he would die. But after a long time he fell asleep. In the morning he woke up,the rain had stopped and the birds were singing in the blue sky. He believed that it was a terrible dream. But when he saw the knives on the rocks he woke up his friend, who hadn’t understood anything all night. They packed up their camp equipment and swore that he would never go camping again. Mike felt extremely relieved as he drove away.
Angela H.
Senior D
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