It was a near miss to lose something priceless!

Hi guys! How are things? Today I want to talk to you about my class which came together for a special project. But let’s start from the beginning. It was a sunny day and I was doing maths, when suddenly the door of the class opened and our director came in and he told us: “You must come together to do a special project which will represent our school to a competition. We chose you because you’re the best class of our school with the best ideas. We were all happy and surprised too. The preparations start the same day because we had only one week to do the project. But the problem was one: each one wanted to write his or her idea on the paper for the project. It was so unbelievable because our class was special and we couldn’t work together and help each other. Our teacher was so angry with us that in the end, she left our class because she couldn’t “bring us round”. When we saw the door closed we were so sad because we were” fighting”. When we understood our mistake, we caught our hands each other and we said: We won’t do that again. We are so sorry and we promise that from now we will always help each other and work together. And do you know something? It doesn’t matter that we didn’t win the competition because we won something priceless: our friendship which was a near miss to lose it.

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