Is a university degree really worth it?

Is a university degree important?


Every person after or even before he finishes school always comes to an important question, “is it worth it getting a university degree?” Or “Will a university degree help me get a better job?”.

Well first of all, university is always something people are aiming for their future and even they know that in order to sign up for it, you need to pay a lot for it, but the question of “Is it really worth it?” Is something that always gets in people’s minds before they take their decision. According to famous and clever people such as Mark Zuckleberg, Steve Jobs or even Elon Musk, a university degree, is not something that will guarantee you a better job or bigger future. Neither had they had to get a university nor college degree, in order to become what they are. Without one, they really did make their own successful careers. So with that being said, career wise it doesn’t help you to make a shining career.

Although, by signing in a university degree, you can learn different things in more detailed ways which defiantly helps you get educated, even though that’s the case, studying further by yourself and spending time on researching for more information online, is both free and very helpful. Also, if you want to have a part-time job and study at the same time for university, will be incredibly tiring and you can still not end up getting that degree. And not only that, but also don’t forget the how much you are paying, how much you may earn from your part time job and what did you understand from this whole experience, well dissapointly the answer is nothing. Under no circumstances you get that degree and you have spent a tons of money over something that you didn’t manage to succeed at. Even if you do end up getting the degree, the next step should mostly be getting a job and that’s where you notice that you have spent years on something insanely expensive and all of that for something that will be useless on continuing with your life.

In my opinion, a university degree for my future won’t be that important since it is extremely expensive and my plans are on getting a job that is good enough to keep myself in good conditions, from the other side, for people who really want to take another step in education and learn something even better, then a university degree should make it up for you in education, but career wise will pretty much be just a certificate that won’t help you in getting something more important than a university degree, which is a job to keep up with your life.

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