-Hello and welcome to another day with a fresh new topic.Today we’re  interviewing a very famous singer called Anne Marriel.Hello Anna! Welcome to our radio program.

-Thank you. I’ts great to be here.

-We are very happy that you are here with all of us today and we would like to ask you a few questions about your childhood and specifically a song called HER.

-Ok what would you like to know?

-What drew you into wanting to be a singer?
-First of all, I have loved all kinds of music since I was a little girl.I always watched singers on tv and I wanted to be one too and experience their kind of lifestyle.

-Very interesting,actually.Now let’s talk about your relationship with your mother.

-It definately wasn’t the best. As I remember back then I always felt angry and was continually rude to her.I wish I could go back in time and fix everything

-Would you like to say something to her know if she is listening?

-Yes, I love you mom and I’m sorry about everything. I wish things could be better between us.Thats why I wrote the song HER wich is obviously about her.

-This was a very sad but hopeful interview.I really hope things get better between you and your mother.You deserve it.

-Thank you very much.

-Thank YOU very much.We were very happy to have you here today.Goodbye

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