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Good morning viewers! We hope you are having an amazing day. In todays article we have a very intesesting interview with.. Anne Marrie!! Hello Annie we are here today to learn more about you. So first of all I would like to know who was your inspiration to start writing music.
– Well, to be honest iI don not know who to tell you when I was younger I was a big fan of the music scene of the time But I think I had a bigger love to rihanna .
-That’s interesting. Now I would like to ask you if there is any sond that you kinda regret uploadng.
– Um.,, Not really I dont think so. Yes some of my moldest songs are not something I would upload but everything is memories of my road in fame.
-Alright know lets talk about your new single HER. So did something happen to your childhood that made you be like that to your mother?
-That’s not really easy to talk to. But yes, in my teen years I had some reslly bad years and Iwas really anxious and angry so I would often do things to mom.
-When you say do things.. what do you mean?
-I would literally not talk to her for days and if I talked I would talk bad stuff to her. Or I would do whatever she was telling me not to.
– I understand I thing many of our viewers have gone through things like that and its really nice that a celebrity is talking about that.! Well we are finished.. there is no time left, thank you aAnnie for your realiness and I hope we can do that again! Goodbye !
-Goodbye fans! *smooch smooch*

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