In which initiative would I participate ?

Nowadays, a lot of people believe in servicing our community by engaging its members to give back through a variety of initiatives. They are five initiatives. Firstly, we have the proacting youth mentoring programme, the pro bono work, the community outreach programme, the crowdfunding projects and lastly the corporate community engagements.

If you ask me in which initiative I would participate, I maybe would join the community outreach programme in which over 10,000 volunteering hours in activities such as concerts for the elderly and neighborhood walks giving out information about drug abuse.

I would probably do that because a lot of older people feel loneliness, a feeling no one should ever feel, and in order to make them forget this fact and have their time of their life I would choose this programme. Also when you volunteer for this initiative you have the opportunity to learn and teach information about drug abuse and how you can fight it. Lastly, I would participate in this initiative because I help people who cannot help themselves and win this battle of drug abuse.

To sum up, volunteering is something in which you can learn a lot of things, help others, make friendships and meet new characteristics of your personality. After all, who are we without volunteering?

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