I’m almost 13 years old.I have a great family, i live in a nice neighborhood of Mitilini, i go to a school that i like and a have a few good friends.My parents are both doctors and because of their job they have to stay out of home many hours even for a couple of days.Me and my younger sister and brother stay at home sometimes i have to look after them.All in our family love and help eatch other. Fortunately we don’t have serius problems as health or financial difficulties.But this is for now.Since i was 6 years old things sometimes were different when my parent had to work at Athens our grandparents had to take care of us. So we,the children, had to spend more time in Trikala with my father parent’s or in Lesvos with my mother’s family.We had a very good time with our grandparents and cousins but sometimes i missed my parents very much.And the most difficult part is that i had to change school almost every year and have new friends from the beginning.Now i think that those little problems were the reason that in our family there is love, carelessness, confidence and the belief that we are one by the other even when there is distance between us .Our family is strong and mature. Now i’m lucky that i have good friends everywhere.

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