I don’t like donkeys any more!

Last Saturday, I was walking around the narrow streets of my village, Agiasos, with my family. After a lot of hours of walking, we decided to go to a café. I was very excited becaue I had just bought a backpack with a picture of some melt chocolate on it! So, as I was ordering the waiter to bring me a cup of hot tea, I saw a donkey walking and I wanted to pet it, so I went near it. 

As I was petting it, its eyes shone brightly all of a sudden. It started running because it wanted to catch me but I didn’t know the reason. I was very frightened of the donkey because it seemed determined about what he was doing an I thought that it wanted to kill me so I had to run fast. But I couldn’t do that because I was exhausted from the walking before. I had to think of where to go while my parents were shouting to me something but I couldn’t hear them beause of my anxiety.

I was jumping from table to table to get away but finally I slipped and broke my leg. But how could I know that the donkey thought that the picture on my backpack was real and he craved the chocolate!

Fortunately, now I am ok but I have ended up to one conclusion: I don’t like donkeys any more!!!


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