How to create a blog post

Tips and Tricks to awesome blog writing

In this section I want to show you how to use some tools to write an excellent blog.

I prefer to use Google docs when typing my doc because it is free and you can store it online.

I use Grammarly chrome extension and it helps me find my spellig and grammar mistakes fast.
Also there is another web app that I use called which you can copy and paste your work and get really good feedback for your work.

You can find many photos from google search. Just type somethig and go to Images option, choose the image you want and then right click and choose “Save image as..”
You can then upload your image to your blog post.

Apart from using google search, I use a website for stockphotos (free) which is called unsplash. You can choose and download photos from there if you credit the authro.



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