How to write the perfect essay!

It is true that writing an essay is a difficult task. Even the most confident person can be anxious at this moment. But language learners can follow two major steps which will be useful to write a successful essay.

The first step has to do with the question. Language learners have to understand the question at first. After they should spend time to read the topic. During the reading stage they must underline the key points which will have some benefits for the development of the paragraphs. Last but not least they should create a plan with the main ideas for the essay;that way they will stay focused on the task.

The second step is the most important step for the essay. At this moment language learners have to know exactly how they will make the formation of the essay. Firstly the introduction which will represent the general backround of the topic. Secondly there is the main body which contains two paragraphs. In those, learners have to develop the main idea, write the elaborative points and add some linking words for the logical flow that the reader needs. Finally there is the conclusion in which the writer expresses their opinion about the main body.

Taking all into consideration, language learners should be as confident as it is possible. In my point of view people should follow these steps because they can really help them to write the perfect essay.

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