How important is to support the arts?

There is a large number of people who believe that arts are not as fundamental as other lessons like mathematics, engineering, or science. This stereotype reduces their value and eventually lessons as literature, music and theatre are being deleted from the school program. However, what is so important about arts that schools should continue teaching? 


Teaching art in school is not principally about making pretty pictures nor educating to grow up to be a painter. The secret behind arts is it helps create thinking in young people which is developed through subjects like music and theatre. For instance, music makes us more intelligent and good at maths because the rhythms behind it activate both parts of our brain, the left hemisphere is the logical side which makes us analytical and rational, and also the right one which makes us creative, spontaneous and deals with all your feelings and emotions. Another characteristic example is the architecture which is blooming through drawing. This means that this creativity is developed through arts and helps us to be better and more successful at everything else.


Another benefit that the arts produce is hope and relaxation. It is evident that the most famous works of art in the world show pretty things. Sometimes, we need them to feel balanced because people get stressed by the weight of everyday life, so they need to have a rest. It is an emblem of hope which transmits positive energy. In other words, if there were art lessons at schools, students would have a break during the busy schedule and this is a means that would develop their voice and their self-expression. 


Overall, I believe that the arts should have the same funding as science and maths. Owing to the fact that arts are inextricably linked to all other subjects helping young people develop these skills will help them learn to think out of the box. Lastly, because the arts help you to relax, this will help us be more successful because having our brain clean, our goals will be achieved more easily. 

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  • Awesome post, Rania. Really interesting to read. Looks like you can put up a strong and passionate debate about keeping the arts in schools!🎩

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