How important are arts at school.

Career is a situation that makes lots of teenagers concerned about it.  This decision that all teenagers have to take is actually difficult because their life and future depend on this decision. Schools prepare teens for this decision but mainly in areas related to engineering, science, and technology. The downside to this is that important areas such as arts are omitted. In my opinion, it is very important to have arts in school because it will offer students a  number of different advantages.


Arts like theater or music are something we should teach in schools. Firstly, arts are a way to relax and forget about your problems. For example, plenty of people like to hear music when they want to relax. This means that music is a kind of arts that people like and teens should be taught at school. Secondly, people can express feelings and emotions through arts. For instance, through some paintings of Van Gogh, we can understand that he actually was a lonely person. As a result, arts are a way some people can express themselves better.


Moreover, arts keep us hopeful. For example, when someone is not feeling well, putting on a song that they like or showing them an image with positive meaning sets their mood. Clearly, arts have the ability to make us think about the positive side of a difficult situation. Furthermore, arts help us to appreciate stuff ,for instance, a painting that shows how we can destroy our lives makes us appreciate the love and peace that we live nowadays. Therefore, arts remind us to appreciate things that we believe can not be changed like the example.


In conclusion, arts are something that if we have in our lives, we will think in a different way than now and maybe find a career that really suits us in areas like theater or literature. 

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