How education changed throughout the years

As a society we’re witnessing a blistering pace of development that’s rapidly changing the way that we live in all spheres of life. Whether positive or negative,   this is our changing world. For example nowadays education has changed a lot in contrast to earlier years.

Then education wasn’t so developed like it is today. For example then people believed that children have to learn and behave well by hitting them.  Also then they only learnt things from their books without examples and things to facilitate and understand easily the lesson.  Furthermore then the children only learn about Mathematics, reading and writing without all the interesting lessons we have today. Lastly, in the earlier years children used to wear uniforms and not regular clothes that we wear every day.

Nowadays the teaching method has changed. Now the purpose of today’s school is the autonomy of the child, while then one child is not an independent existence but an object who must obey the instructions of his teacher. Today, also the children learn new knowledge with the help of examples, something that then didn’t happen. In addition today the teachers aren’t so strict and care about the children and how they feel.  Finally, today we have the computers that help the children with a lot more examples understand better their lessons.

After all, to my point of view education has developed a lot. But to be more specific education changed the same as ourselves.

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