Television is one of the most popular entertainment devices in the world. We all enjoy watching TV. You can spend your time happily watching some shows. television teaches us things we may not learn in school. Like documentaries, although not much is played on the TV. One of the main reasons which we watch television is to watch the news. It makes you forget your worries, watching funny series and shows. The downside is that it emits a dose of radiation that is dangerous to human eye health. Also, many of the TV shows are negative standards for children and young people who watch them. But how TV could be better? First of all, the news must not be false and it would be good for everyone to be informed about the news. Some journalists often tell some important news and cause us panic. Some shows comment on other people and gossip about them. This is not good because they make fun of some people and present the wrong standards to young people. They could present more documentaries about nature, about the history of some peoples, about art and more. In general, we should not believe everything we see on TV and we should have an “open mind”.

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