For many people, hospitality means generosity and courtesy and has a unique value, but each year this value decreases from country to country.

That means hospitality has a more intense presence in some countries than others, for example, Russia, Germany, Uk, America e.c. The citizens of these particular countries, where there are many people, do not know each other, that is why the generosity and courtesy disappear. Also, there are myths which say that the cold weather makes people become bad people and egoist. But in reality, in some towns like New York city where crime dominates, the citizens can not trust their neighbour, in as a result they are not friendly.

In contrast, there are countries in the world which are much friendly to others. For example, in ancient Greece. when a stranger visited the other people they first gave a gift and offered food to this stranger and then they asked them where they were from and why they were there. This means Greece from ancient times has a custom of being hospitable  As with the past, nowadays the Greeks are also really friendly and open. This country hosts immigrants and other nationalities.

To conclude, I believe that over the years hospitality will decrease more and more. But all the countries must keep trying and increase this feeling at some point.

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