-In my country, homeschooling is not common, but only in the last few months, because of the quarantine for COVID-19. In other countries children could be homeschooled. Their parents may be dissatisfied with the methods of teaching at school and that decide to educate their children themselves.  They are enabled to set their children into a school. By homeschooling that can have a flexible time of teaching and they can keep an eye on their children’s progress.

-Keeping their children at home is bad for them because in this way children can not make friends. Going to school doesn’t mean just getting some knowledge. It’s very important for children to be in a society with other same-age people, to communicate with them, to express their feeling and to have more interesting. At school children could be in a theater, art, or sport team.

-I think that it’s very important for children to attend school. It’s good for their personality and ability to communicate and socialize. My opinion is that parents have to ask their children for their wish. Although there are some reasons for a child to be home educated, for example at school.

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