I don’t think homeschooling is a good thing for children or anyone really. Of course it is easier for th parent to have their kids by their sides but they are doing them more harm than good.I have come to an conclusion that we shouldn’t be homeschooling our children , and this is why.

Firstly children that are being homeschooled , usually they are being teached by their parents.Many of the kids that were being homeschooled said that it was a major downside .Being around your parent literally 24 hours a day is not the best thing.You’ll always being told what to do and you’ll never have freedom.

Another major downside is that you’ll be unable to make easily friends.Your lack of communication will be in the way of making friends.But if your parent had sent you to school, you would be easily, because you had lernt how to. Your parents would have taught you how to count or speak but not how to communicate, and you’ll be paying th consequences.

Lastly, at school you’ll be taught more that your parents will taught you.Your parents will taught you the ”more basic and more important” subjects, but not every subject that you would be taught at school, like arts or music or P.E.  It will cost you more than you think. You would never know if you were attracted to any of those subjects and maybe it will cost you your whole career.

Those and more other reasons is why I don’t support homeschooling. If you ask me , I think that you have to think very good all the downsides and the advantages before you consider homeschooling.And if your kid is a teenager you should ask them first before you make a lifechanging decision for them.

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