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Education means a lot for a person, it is all about you Character, the way you think and the way you approach life in general. In the latest years, most of the parents prefer homeschooling their children. In my belief teaching in your home, it is a reasonable choice but like always we should see the two sides of the facts.

Before I started writing this report I preferred the idea of school, but after I did my research I clearly believe that home education isn’t a bad idea at all. First of all, we need to see the way that educational system works and from my point of view, schools don’t have the amount of time children need in order to endorse and nurture the way I think they should. Children need time to play and experience different things in order to increase their intelligence. Bring in your mind memories you have when you were attending school, as I remember I didn’t like school, I didn’t have any interest and no one really helped to find one, I was attending school because I had to. Most of the kids are exhausted and experience lack for interest in anything that has to do with school. So as I see it homeschool is an opportunity for kids to get to know the world and themselves.

In order to understand the difference between home education and education in school, we need to understand children and their feelings. Is better to read and write about it? Or to experience something in order to learn how it works, that is what homeschooling gives to you. The biggest advantage about home education is the way that works, you get to choose your program, the time and place you can learn, you get to experience how the things you learn work in practice and children actually have time to play. On the other hand, many people talk about the disadvantages homeschooling has, for example, they believe that children don’t make any friends and don’t learn how to teamwork. But that is just a fear many people have, the latest years’ schools are actually providing different activities that children who are homeschooling can participate. In my belief home education needs to get an upgrade in our minds.

Education is the start of everything, you can take it from your own home or the schools, it is a choice everyone can make. Homeschool is a different way that gives you the opportunity to think differently and to get knowledge from a different aspect!

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  • Well done! Many years ago, there was a strong debate about the difference between writing in pen to writing on a p.c. I remenber clearly, authors and journalists arguing like fanatics about it.Life is gives us a chance to change. The question is, will we dare to follow or will we try to find excuses not to?

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