Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (Movie Review)!!!

This movie is called Home Alone 2. It’s about a young boy, Kevin, whose family was leaving for vacation in Florida during the Christmas holiday! But unfortunately they slept more than they have to. So, they were running from here to there in order to not miss the flight. At the airport they were running so fast that Kevin lost the way to the right plane which was going to Florida and he boarded on another plane which was going to New York but he didn’t know that. When he landed to New York he couldn’t find his family and he asked a man where was he and the man told him that he was in New York. When his family realized that he was missing, they all went to the police office. Kevin wasn’t afraid and he went to the best hotel of New York, Plaza, to stay for his holiday. But unfortunately for him, in New York he met once again the two thieves, Harry and Marv. But the first time he managed to run away. Then he heard from the thieves that they were going to steal everything from the toy shop at New York, the Dankan’s toy shop. So, at night when the two thieves were inside the toy shop, Kevin went there and he broke the window of the Dankan’s toy shop in order to make the alarm rang. Then he told the thieves where he was going to go next because he wanted to make them follow him. His destination was his uncle’s house in New York where nobody lived. His plan was well-prepared and he was sure about it.

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