In my free time, I draw images like the galaxy, sunsets, sunrises, animals and the sea. It’s a way to express my feelings. I close my eyes and I drive around the colours. In my opinion, drawing is my life.

Life without hobbies would be monotonous. We need them to get away from our problems for some minutes. Hobbies are the thing that we do in our free time, after a hard-working day. It is important to have free time doing something that you want to do and you enjoy doing it! Hobbies are also a great way to exercise and meet people.

I strongly believe that hobbies are something that you do to relax, like knitting or to do something extreme, like skydiving. But the most important is to enjoy it, like how I enjoy drawing. Every single parent has a hobby that he does by his own that it relaxes him.

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  • Hey Iria! We would love to see some of your drawings! Why not upload some as an avatar image or Cover image? If you need more help, have a look at My Info button on the left menu!

  • You have a special talent Iria !! I have seen some of your drawings & you really are gifted !! Hope you give others a chance to admire them too 🥰

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